Yamaha Genos Keyboard Big Reveal! – Demonstration Videos, Specs and More… [UPDATED]

Yamaha have released over 30 new videos, demonstrating the capabilities of their new flagship keyboard – the Yamaha Genos.

The Tyros 5 successor certainly impresses, but you can hear for yourself with the vast selection of demos available online…

Here are a selection of images of the new keyboard:

An overview of the specifications…

  • Keyboard: 76 Keys
  • Dimensions: Width 1234mm, Height 138mm, Depth 456mm
  • Weight: 13kg
  • Control Knobs: 6 Live Control knobs (Assignable)
  • Sliders: 9 Live Control sliders (Assignable), Cross Fader
  • Articulation Switches: 3
  • Main Display (touch screen): TFT Color Wide VGA LCD | Sub Display: OLED (Live Control view)
  • Main Display Size: 800 x 480 dots (9 inch) | Sub Display Size: 589 x 48 dots
  • Polyphony: 256 (max.) (128 for Preset Voice + 128 for Expansion Voice)
  • Number of Voices: 1,652 Voices + 58 Drum/SFX Kits
  • Featured Voices: 10 Revo! Drums/SFX, 76 Ensemble, 390 Super Articulation!, 75 Super Articulation2!, 82 MegaVoice, 40 Sweet!, 81 Cool!, 160 Live!, 24 Organ Flutes!
  • Number of Preset Styles: 550 | 491 Pro, 39 Session, 10 Free Play, 10 DJ
  • Internal memory: Yes (approx. 58 GB)
  • USB Flash Drive port

Kraft Music have also released a couple of full-length demonstration videos, featuring Martin Harris:

You can find out far more by visiting my Yamaha Genos information page.

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