United Kingdom Loves HD DVD Over Bluray

I must admit I actually cheered scaring my friend who is over enjoying the delights of my Xbox 360 when I read this news. Maybe it is the fanboy in me trying to escape into the open world, but I really want HD DVD to dominate. This may simply be down to the fact I am getting the add on drive for my Xbox 360 and doubt I will be investing (and what a large investment!) in the PlayStation 3, so Bluray is out.

HD DVD supporters can take some comfort out of the following news from HDTV UK, although remember it is still very early days. I am still upset that Ice Age 2 is out on Bluray only grrrrr:

An online retailer taking pre-orders for high definition disc players and content has claimed that UK consumers are spending more on HD DVD than they are on Blu-ray. Play.com says that pre-orders made on its website favour HD DVD over Blu-ray by 2 to 1, whilst content leads by 3 to 1. Play.com is offering the Toshiba HD-E1 HD DVD player at £450 and the Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray player at £950 (£50 below list price).

We will still have to see how the PS3 will increase sales for Bluray movies and for us Europeans (Sony seem to think we don’t mind waiting don’t forget!) we will have to wait until at least March next year for the results of this impact. Maybe the HD DVD drive coming out in Europe for the Xbox 360 may hinder Bluray here as well as this is released fairly soon as well?

Link: Brits may spend more on HD DVD than Blu-ray

James Woodcock

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