Space Ace Review on Blu-ray – Compatible with Sony PlayStation 3

SA_18.jpgIt is not often I have the opportunity to review anything on Blu-ray movies (in fact this is my first!), however Space Ace available on this format is an interactive game remastered from an arcade classic:

In 1984, gaming was still a mass of lines, solid colours and music that resembled nothing more than a beep ba da beep. We are stepping back to when the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was still a twinkle in Nintendo’s eyes, but out of this bleak realism, Dragons Lair surprised the world with movie like quality cartoon animation that you could actually interact with.

Following on from this huge success, Space Ace made by the same company, released not long after their first attempt into this new area of interactive movie based gaming. Boasting the refinement you expect with any subsequent endeavours at something unique.

Review: Space Ace on Blu-ray Review

James Woodcock

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