Snake Loves and Swallows Electrical Blanket

snake.jpgI have never seen the fascination in owning reptiles and snakes, however I do know they are not slimey as most people tend to think. Here is one snake who must have ignored the summer heatwave and desired the comfort of an electric blanket by swallowing the whole thing:

Vets operated to save the life of a 12ft python – after it swallowed an entire electric blanket, along with the electrical chord and control box. Houdini, a Burmese python, usually slept on the blanket at home in Ketchum, Idaho. But owner Karl Beznoska believes it must have become entangled in the 60lb snake’s rabbit dinner – and ended up in its stomach.

Mr Fostvedt said specialists at the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine told him it probably would have taken Houdini six hours to swallow the blanket. The snake probably would have died without the operation, he said. X-rays showed the tangle of the blanket’s wiring extending through about 8ft of the python’s digestive tract. The surgery to remove it took an 18-inch incision.

So there you have it. A tough story to swallow indeed!

Link: Python Swallowed Its Bed

James Woodcock

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Killer Possum
14 years ago

Yikes! I wonder what made it look appetizing?