Smarties DON’T Have the Answer

smarties.jpgI can remember when blue smarties were first introduced and believe me when I say that kids were not sharing them out with their friends. However the day of the blue Smartie is numbered it would seem:

Blue Smarties are to be stopped because the makers cannot find a way to colour them without artificial colouring. Nestle Rowntree says the blue Smarties will be replaced with white ones from next month. Nestle is making the changes as part of its move to remove artificial colourings from its sweets.

Artificial colourings and flavourings in sweets have been linked with child hyperactivity and behaviour problems. A Nestle spokeswoman said the company wanted to “improve the nutritional qualities” of its products.

Well I prefer Midget Gems anyway…

Link: Blue Day For Smartie Firm

James Woodcock

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