Simon the Sorcerer Music Released!

After 2 long years of enhancement work, ScummVM developers coding changes and getting permission from the powers that be, I have finally been able to release the full Simon the Sorcerer game soundtrack today!

Now the day is finally here, it has left me feeling extremely happy that I and others have been able to get to this point and I would like to thank Simon Woodroffe for his support and permission and of course the amazing ScummVM team for their amazing software and dedication.

Available in high quality and low quality OGG Vorbis downloads, you can decide which best suits your requirements. Questions and constructive comments are welcome on my discussion forum, so make sure you pop over and register today.

Link: Simon the Sorcerer External Music Download

James Woodcock

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3 thoughts on “Simon the Sorcerer Music Released!

  • Extremly cool! Thank you for enhancing one of my favourite games ever! I’m compiling the SVN ScummVM in the background as I type. Can’t wait to try it out. :x

  • Great work indeed! I played the game again after so many year, awakening fond memories. Thanks for the effort you put in this, very impressive :)

  • Thanks a bunch for your great work :)
    I’m going to play the game again soon, it’s been a while. This remixed soundtrack will make the experience even more enjoyable ;)


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