ScummVM Music Enhancement Project Update

I haven’t had much time to spend working on this project recently, however I do have some new information for those who are interested.

I am happy with the completed Simon the Sorcerer soundtrack, which I now consider to be 98% complete, with just final encoding to OGG format now required.

Inherit the Earth is 100% completed, although I would like to get myself a copy of the MT-32 Music CD they are selling on the creators website, so I can maybe re-edit some of the tracks to closer match the original composers ideas, someone like to send me this CD to help with the project?

Discworld, although yet to be implemented into the ScummVM software program, is virtually complete now with just loop editing and naming of tracks left. This was by far the easiest soundtrack to do as the original MIDI files were in such excellent condition compared to a lot of the other games available. The tracks sound stunning and bring back so many happy memories.

I have been asked to consider some other games for inclusion, however at this time the ones listed on my ScummVM Music Enhancement Project page are the ones I am sticking to until they are all completed. The interest in this project has been staggering, accounting for a third of total visitors viewing this area alone. Thank you to those who have offered help and advice, it is really appreciated.

Please remember ScummVM does not currently support external OGG files with looping for the games mentioned and permissions need to be granted by the original game creators before distribution of my enhancement work can be published legally without problem.

Link: ScummVM Music Enhancement Project

James Woodcock

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