Rainbow Six Vegas – Capture Yourself

virtualjames.jpgVirtual worlds are certainly nothing new and creating replicas of how you look again has been done before, but adding your real face onto an Xbox 360 character that Xbox Live users from around the world can see?

With the recently released Rainbow Six Vegas and the Xbox Live Vision Camera, you can actually scan your face into the game and see some very impressive results. Pictured on the right is actually my virtual character with my face mapped on.

I must admit at first as excited as I was, seeing myself shot or blown up by a grenade was a weird sensation. Now however there are so many of my friends scanning their faces in, it has become a great addition to Xbox Live and I really hope more games will take advantage of this. The only thing that worries me is the fact I will have to scan my face each time for every game that supports it, but the rewards are interesting and no longer are you just a bunch of polygons, but an actual representation of yourself.

I am sure some people are going to find problems with having a virtual image of yourself in a game that involves bloodshed, but just remember it is a game and indeed optional!

The Xbox Live Vision Camera could and should be used much more in the future and this adds a whole new personal way of interacting with friends and strangers. Just like the voice communication where most of us started off very quiet until getting used to having a conversation within a game, the same will hopefully be the same with the camera. No more faceless people is a great plus for those who want a more personal experience.

James Woodcock

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