Podcast #34 – Train Simulator 2013 Interview – Duncan Best & Simon Sauntson Reveal Updates

In my latest podcast I interview Duncan Best (Marketing Director) and Simon Sauntson (Marketing Manager) from RailSimulator.com regarding their latest rail simulator product ‘Train Simulator 2013’.

Here Duncan and Simon reveal the latest features and updates available in Train Simulator 2013 – including updated menu layouts, new routes & locomotives, improved graphical fidelity & performance, Xbox 360 controller support, the ‘Quick Drive’ options, community creations and much more…

Train Simulator 2013 will launch worldwide on Steam on September 20. TS2013 will include fabulous new routes complete with locomotives from around the world. As well as new content, new control options and navigation in-game provide more flexibility and control for players.
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I hope you enjoy the podcast.

James Woodcock

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3 thoughts on “Podcast #34 – Train Simulator 2013 Interview – Duncan Best & Simon Sauntson Reveal Updates

  • Similator? surely its Sim”U”lator

  • what routes are gonna be on it because i have seen some wonderful graphics on facebook of certain routes and trains


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