Playstation 3 E3 Presentation Initial Thoughts

PS3.jpgTo say I am a little bemused is probably the understatement of the year. OK so people who know me will already understand I am a fan of the Microsoft Xbox 360, however even I can appreciate that Microsoft will be watching the Sony space very carefully. After watching 2 hours of mind numbing presentation, I was left feeling very empty of any excitement or desire to purchase a PS3. This though was no great surprise, but I was hoping to see something new and maybe spectacular to really add something for gamers.

First of all, the major lack of any gameplay demonstrations really hurt the presentation in my view, as all we really viewed was a nice replay from Gran Turismo and the so called ‘true’ HD.

This now has made me excited to hear what… no not what Microsoft will have to say, but actually from Nintendo. Although I really dislike the name Nintendo Wii (something I am sure we will discuss in volume 2 of the Xbox 360 Debate blogcast), even I can see that the so called ‘next generation’ just isn’t touching gameplay in anything I have seen so far. It is all graphical!

We will have to see what today brings, with Microsoft and Nintendo making their own presentations.

[UPDATE: Barrie Rogers from has his say on his new blog]

James Woodcock

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