My Yamaha Site Reaches 4000 Members

My Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner website now has 4000 registered members. That is a staggering 1000 members in just over three months! For those who don’t know, this is my Yamaha keyboard and digital piano enthusiast website, which I set up in December 2004.

The site will have been running for 2 years when we reach December so really it is still very young to the Internet scene, however in that short time a vast friendly and indeed worldwide community has grown. The majority of posters are from the UK, which is probably due to me hosting the Yamaha Club forum as well on my own setup, but there are so many different countries registered it is quite astonishing.

Every time another 1000 registered members passes, I consider how the future will take shape for the website and I do have a lot planned and I mean A LOT!

As always I would like to thank the members who have helped build this fantastic community. It really is satisfying to see everyone helping and working together.

James Woodcock

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