Monster Cast Guidelines

Guidelines for be part of the Monster Cast…


  • Headset or microphone & headphones
  • Webcam
  • Google Account (this needs to be sent to James Woodcock)
  • Be willing to take part in a LIVE transmitted podcast (recording made available immediately after)


  • No swearing!
  • No effects
  • No filters
  • Try not to talk over other guests or the host
  • No screen sharing (host only can screen share)
  • TO HAVE FUN! :)


Promoting the live event and the recordings that are made available almost immediately after, is extremely helpful! Currently, these are the links – however Anthony will hopefully be adding Console Monster versions in the near future!

Please note that linking to the live video page too early will mean they won’t see the live video. The playlist has to be updated once the live video is set-up for streaming, so please wait for James to instruct you when to promote this particular link just before the live stream begins! Promoting hours/days in advance though encouraging people to bookmark is fine though.

Button below is a simple click to promote the live event once it has begun (for convenience):

Required Assets and Formatting

Lower Thirds

Download the image below and insert in the Lower Third option of Google+ HangOut (under Add Ons)

Console Monster Logo

You can also enter your name here as well as a tagline which should be formatted with ‘ – [your twitter account]’ – all lower case, for example:

James Woodcock – @jameswoodcock

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