Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 Public Download

IE7.jpgHaving been a big fan of Firefox for quite some time now, I have been watching carefully Microsoft’s Internet browsing software evolve to compete. Now available for download is Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3, which is a little improvement over the previous beta as Paul Thurrott explains:

The most important new feature is drag and drop tab reordering. Now, you can move your tabs around with the mouse easily (Figure) and position them as you’d like. Then, when you save a tab group, they will be in the order you prefer. Microsoft compares this feature to the way you can drag and drop slides in PowerPoint. And it’s worth noting that this functionality is only available in the normal display mode: You can’t drag and drop the panels around in Quick Tabs, which is a static view.

I have been using the new Internet Explorer beta and although it is a massive improvement over the previous version of Internet Explorer 6, I think for now I will continue with Firefox, as it is extremely fast and feature rich. The Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 is worth a try though, although remember it is early code and should not be installed if you are not confident with your computing skills.

Link: Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 Downloads

James Woodcock

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Killer Possum
14 years ago

I gotta tell ya, I’m not liking IE7 at all. It’s plain ugly, and it just isn’t any good IMO.