Internet Explorer 7 Released

ie7.jpgAfter being in beta status for quite some time now, Microsoft has now released the full public version that is intended for everyone to use…

Internet Explorer 7 provides improved navigation through tabbed browsing, web search right from the toolbar, advanced printing, easy discovery, reading and subscription to RSS feeds, and much more.

Internet Explorer 7 provides security through a robust new architecture, security features that help defend against malicious software (also known as malware), and new ways to better protect against the theft of personal data from fraudulent websites, a practice known as phishing.

Internet Explorer 7 has improved support for cascading style sheets, a rich RSS feeds platform, and robust tools for deploying and managing Internet Explorer 7 in large enterprise environments.

After using it for a little while, you certainly see a lot of improvements over Internet Explorer 6 with such features as tabbed browsing, better security and RSS additions, but whether I will use it instead of Mozilla Firefox is unlikely at the moment as it still feels quite slow in comparison.

Link: Internet Explorer 7 Download

James Woodcock

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