Happy Birthday Messages – Quarter of a Century Old

Well the 17th March marked my 25th birthday and this year I was flooded with cards and messages. Thank you so much to those who know me on the internet and in person, who took the time to send me their birthday wishes, who either sent a text message, ecard or actual card to me in the post.

Thank you to my family for their gifts and messages. Congratulations also to Claire for no longer being an inbetweeny! Congratulations and thanks to Sarah for all her hard work and the Winnie the Poo card, very cute :) Thanks to Steve (skil) for his hyper happy birthday wishes (and I mean HYPER!) and thanks to many of the members on Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner for all their support and birthday messages. Thanks to Tom for his strong views and debates on Xbox Live ( Fifa all the way ;)) ). Thanks to Dan for adding many new features to Podpress with me nagging at him 24/7, poor fellow.

Thanks to missy for the lovely ecard and message. Thanks to Simon and his dad for their birthday wishes. Thanks to Sarin for my birthday message and being so patient on Xbox Live when I keep getting disconnected. Thanks to Jordan (Urie) for being a perfect n00b. There are many others, so thank you everybody if I have missed you out.

Also my brithday falls on St. Patricks Day, so happy St. Patricks day to all those who take part in this event. I have a busy day ahead of me, so hope everyone is well and with a bit of luck my NTL internet connection will finally stop misbehaving and let me play on Xbox Live without disconnecting!

James Woodcock

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