Golden Axe Returns for Xbox 360 and PS3

goldenaxe.jpgIf hearing that Sonic the Hedgehog coming to Xbox Live Arcade wasn’t enough to warm your cockles, well how about Golden Axe making a next generation return to the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2007:

SEGA Entertainment today warmed old school gamers’ hearts with the announcement of a great, beloved side-scrolling classic remake with Golden Axe for next-generation systems.

Designed for Xbox 360 and PS3, Golden Axe is in development by the newly acquired San Francisco studio, Secret Level. The new game is created with action-RPG elements and awesome old favorite aspects such as the ability to recruit allies, fight in ranged battles, charge into close combat, or mount freaky fantastical creatures and blast through enemy lines.

The new storyline is very similar to the ancient 1989 side-scroller: A band of “Riders” embark on a quest to crush and defeat the enemy before their race becomes extinct. Doesn’t exactly sound deep, but does it need to? Players can wield fantastic weapons or cast magic spells to pummel mindless hordes of enemies.

Ahhh the memories of playing this classic, which I played at both the arcade and on my SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis). Just need World of Illusion, Quackshot and Sonic 2 to appear on Xbox Live Arcade now and I will be a very happy gamer.

Link: Golden Axe Lives!

James Woodcock

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15 years ago

w00t, can’t wait

15 years ago

From that screen shot is it coming out for the wii too :-“

James Woodcock
15 years ago

No thats an image off the original on the SEGA Mega Drive which I know and love :x

14 years ago

I actually spoke about this games a few months ago saying it would be nice if it could make a comeback, always loved playing this game