Gaming Addiction – There is Hope… Maybe

clinic.jpgI consider myself a recreational gamer, but as much as I love gaming, it is more of a hobby rather than something I consider an integral part of my life.

That doesn’t mean I won’t spend many an hour pressing buttons and twisting analog sticks to pass away the time and of course enjoy myself while in the process with a large grin on my face. However for those who take gaming to the extreme and choose to pee in bottles rather than leave their televisions and consoles, there is now hope:

There is a problem with video games; some of us get hooked and the ride does not stop. Smith and Jones is an addiction clinic in Amsterdam, set up by a man more qualified than most to talk about addiction. Keith Bakker was himself a drug addict, but is now more used to treating hardcore cravings. He has recently experienced a flood of enquiries from addicts to video games.

Tim is 21 years old and has just come blinking into the light after an addiction to video games that lasted nine years. His daily routine once consisted of playing 18 to 19 hours a day: “I slept for three hours because I couldn’t sleep. Because when I was playing all day when I wanted to go to sleep I saw all the pictures in my head. [It felt like] I was stepping in the real world [when] I was playing in the games. If I had to go to the lavatory I’d pee in a bottle…

So the next time you consider yourself hardcore, check you have your empty bottle beside you for emergencies…. ewwwww.

Link: Addiction clinic opens for gamers

James Woodcock

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