FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 First Impressions

I have been a FIFA fan since the very first game appeared on the SEGA Megadrive (Genesis) all those years ago. I was very impressed with FIFA 06 on Xbox 1, however FIFA Road to the World Cup which appeared on the next generation console the Xbox 360, was just nothing more than a nice graphical game with very little gameplay.

However after playing my first match on the latest FIFA, you would not recognise it compared to the very average game that came before it.


First off they have gone all out with the presentation, giving the game a fantastic atmosphere, as you would hope with the World Cup license they have. More importantly though, the gameplay is faster, smoother and more importantly, far more fun and interesting!

Shooting has been tweaked quite considerably, dribbling feels far more reliable and the whole thing just sits very nicely now as a solid football game. Put away the horrors of the first FIFA attempt on Xbox 360, and give this latest installment a go. You will be surprised how much has changed.

James Woodcock

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