FIFA Football 10 Review for Xbox 360 – Striding onto the Pitch with Confidence

fifa10_mag_07_wmIf your admiration for the football series continues for another spectacular year, make sure you read my latest review on FIFA 10 for the Microsoft Xbox 360:

No sooner have I finished one FIFA review does another sequel appear on the store shelves and yet again I am teased by all manner of EA advertisements and information regarding their latest masterpiece. FIFA 09 pummeled the opposition into the ground even converting the hardcore fans of the ‘other’ rival series over to their fold. This shocked the fans of both factions yet Pro Evolution Soccer has not reacted very well to the challenge and instead seems to be sticking with what now is considered a pretty dated formula.

FIFA 10 has it all and enough to satisfy even the most judgmental footy fanatic. Although this is sounding like a conclusion at the start of the review, you probably already knew from its predecessor that the hard work was already completed and now it was just a matter of adding some new features and animations as well as tinkering with the visuals.

Link: FIFA Football 10 Review for Xbox 360

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