DXG DVH-596 1080p High Definition Camcorder Impressions – HD Video Samples Included

DVH596For so many years now, I have been using good old MINI-DV tapes in a camcorder to capture holidays, events and random happenings. Although the quality was always excellent, the import process drives me insane. Whatever you record, you have to wait for the tape to play it all back in real-time before you can get down to actual editing and publication. For the last couple of years however, slowly High Definition (HD) camcorders have been appearing with internal hard drives and flash memory cards. For holidays I wanted something a little more portable, light-weight and as most of us are watching the pennies carefully this year… cheap!

After much research and price comparisons, I finally came across the DXG DVH-596. This 1080p compatible HD camcorder at just £149.99 from Maplins seems far too good to be true, yet somehow even at this price point offers stunning value for money. OK this isn’t a tour-de-force of HD technology, it doesn’t have a super dooper long zoom, focusing is slow, a little colour saturation, slightly weird wobble when panning and I am sure if you paid hundreds more you could trounce this small device into a pulp, however we are talking about £150 here. Using SDHC memory cards up to 8GB (unofficially it is reported on forums as 16GB and even 32GB with caution), 1080p recording at 30fps and 720p at 60fps (frames per second), stereo microphone the video results are stunning. Also has a 5MP camera facility, but really you are best sticking to video only.

As I am sure you can see for yourself, the results are impressive and happily I didn’t need to break the bank to do it either.

So am I happy with this HD camcorder? Of course I am!

James Woodcock

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