What is Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner?

Owned by James Woodcock, YPKO is a free independent Yamaha keyboard and digital piano website that co-operates with the Yamaha Club to expand the online community and share knowledge. It is funded by non-intrusive advertisement and visitor donations.

Based in the United Kingdom, Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner (or YamahaPKowner.com) opened December 21st 2004.

“Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner is not a commercial site and is updated and maintained by myself in my free time….” says James Woodcock, Site owner and Chief Editor. “It is my personal wish to have an active community who wish to share their comments and views regarding Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos in a friendly atmosphere, while also making available content such as news and articles.”

Music is a very powerful way of expressing ourselves and can reach right down into our very soul. Together we can share our hopes and aspirations by sharing our love for music both technically and creatively. From beginners to the advanced, from students to the teachers, we invite all to experience YAMAHA keyboards and digital pianos and share the results.

I have also teamed up with The Yamaha Club*, who are also based in the United Kingdom and provide a great service to their own magazine subscription membership.

Working with The Yamaha Club*, Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner now has exclusive access to certain past content contained within the bi-monthly magazine for use on the site for our own members to enjoy and learn from.

To get the most out of Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner, I recommend you have java enabled in your Internet Browser (which is usually the default, however people do remove it sometimes for safety) and that you are registered on the site to receive newsletter updates about our news, features and access to our community. Best of all registration is FREE!

If you want to learn more about Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner, feel free to visit our discussion forum and post any questions you may have.

Here you can post your queries and discuss a wide range of YAMAHA keyboard/digital piano subjects. You can talk about the Tyros 2, PSR-3000, Clavinova and even non-Yamaha products.

A Brief History of Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner

In 2004 I purchased the Yamaha Tyros (1) and this fine instrument from Yamaha inspired me to create something on the internet where we could all share and discuss our love for Yamaha instruments and music in general. After two months of development, on December 21st 2004, Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner officially opened and slowly began to gain pace as a new resource for Yamaha enthusiasts. However six months on I realised that there were some imperfections with navigation and I wanted to greatly extend the content and features of the site further.

I met up with Glyn Madden from the Yamaha Club Magazine, another great independent resource based in the United Kingdom and we discussed what we were all about and what we were trying to achieve. The result of this discussion meant that we were able to join forces and help each other. This required extensive changes to my site, so with this and all the other new features I wanted to add, development lasting three months was required to make sure it would work without any problems.

October 1st 2005, Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner re-launched with a brand new logo and design, navigation system and the announcement of our new relationship with the Yamaha Club. We now host their forum and all our members interact and exchange thoughts and ideas together. This has helped boost the activity and membership of Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner as well as making visitors aware of their services. Another large factor of this included the massive thirst for information around the world for Yamaha’s latest flagship keyboard the Tyros 2 , which we provided first including images, sound samples and a preview!

On May 25th 2007, I again updated the layout with a completely revamped website. With the community growing so quickly, it was wise to follow the trend and treat the members with a new feature set site full of articles and information.

I run and operate all of Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner in my own time as an independent venture with very little help. Yamaha Corporation do ‘not’ control content or own any share of this website, however I still enjoy a very rewarding co-operation with Yamaha UK, which provides us with the facts rather than the rumour and the latest news and information for our members.

*The Yamaha Club is an independent hobby club for Yamaha home keyboard and organ enthusiasts – working in association with Yamaha-Kemble Music (UK) Ltd.

**Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner is an independent website ‘NOT’ affiliated in any way to the YAMAHA CORPORATION.

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