Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Xbox Review

If you could select one game that has caused quite a lot of interest, not for its gameplay, style or graphics, simply the other large bouncing assets on screen. Yes that’s right, it is Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball with those very well endowed ladies showcasing their range of swim-wear and scantily clad clothing to many a males delight.

So looking past the obvious bonuses is this game actually any good?

Moving away from the harsh world set by the fighting games of the series, Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball is a much calmer and soothing experience for the Xbox gamer. Zack has now acquired his own Island full of beauty and wonders, and that is before the women even get on the beaches. With a casino, shops and various courts the Island has much more then just Volleyball.

The story goes along the line of Zack conning the girls into thinking there is a fighting competition when in actual fact he just wants those delightful and sporty girls to enjoy his facilities. New to the game is the character Lisa who you meet first on the Island and, if you wish, will show you around and become your volleyball partner and this is where the fun begins.

After an outrageously different computer animated intro similar to the ending of Zack on Dead or Alive 3, you have Zack with a girl on his arm about to blast with his own personalised rocket pack off a luxury ship and off into the air, only to come smashing back down into the water. The animation on all the new movies in this game look just as amazing as the Dead or Alive 3 ones with a much more entertaining slant and humour added.

Some characters on the game have trouble getting partners to play Volleyball and have to essentially bribe the other lasses with all manner of various gifts ranging from sea shells to expensive jewellery. This is made more complicated as each girl has her likes and dislikes. Send her something she dislikes and she will send it back to you in disgust blowing any chances of partnering with her. Although if you get something she loves, expect a warm response when you ask her to join you. This is probably the most annoying part of the game as it is not always clear what sort of items they will like, but not to worry if this gets boring for you there are plenty of magazines and websites now giving away the secrets if you require it.


Without a partner you can not play volleyball and this is one of the easiest ways to get a good amount of money unless you are very good at gambling. This is where the Casino comes into play. The day is set out into stages with morning – daytime – Evening and Night. Once night approaches off back to the hotel you go to either go to sleep for another busy day with the girls or to visit the Casino.

Including games like Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and simple one arm bandit machines (slot machines) all themed on the game, you have an opportunity to win lots of cash, or lose everything you have. Although not an obvious reason to buy this game, it does offer something different and a nice way to relax after a hard day of volleyball.

Another addition is the pool hopping challenge. Using floating platforms you have to press the controller button soft or hard to leap a set distance to hopefully reach the other side. Getting the press wrong will result in missing the platform and getting a little wet. This is not an amazing point scorer, but something extra nevertheless.

One thing you certainly can not ignore in the game is the visuals. No I am not just on about the nearly naked girls, the actual backdrops and scenery are just as impressive as the ladies features in the game. With volleyball courts in the jungle, on the beach and also changing as the different times of day change, you cannot help but admire the other areas of beauty in the game.

So probably the bit you have been waiting for and that is the detail of the women. Certainly if you had gone to the Island yourself, you might have felt you had died and gone to heaven with such obvious cleavage and shall we say rather interesting clothing design which leaves little for the imagination.

Spending more cash on clothes gets you even wackier and less material swim suits. If the volleyball though distracts you from admiring the views available you can take a stroll on the beach, or sit on a tree trunk in the jungle and using ‘perv ‘button, I mean Zoom button you can… well… zoom in on areas of interest.

This is where the game has caused a bit of worry for many people. With so much talk of the women, the game itself has been lost in all the negative feedback from concerned individuals. To enjoy such a game like this you really have to say to yourself, it is just a game. It is not porn nor a chance to learn about the other sex. This is just a game that uses characters from a popular fighting series to try something different. The game is great fun once you have the outlook that it is certainly not to be taken seriously, rather just a bit of fun that you can laugh and giggle at with your mates on a 4-player game especially.

The controls are very simple using ‘A’ to return ball to opponent’s court and ‘B’ to pass the ball to your team-mate.


Other then the other huge assets largely from the girls in the game, it is a good deal of fun playing something that is meant to be taken playfully and not seriously. Look past the stigma of the nearly naked ladies and enjoy the pleasantries of what is at heart an interesting and rewarding game.

Rating: ★★★☆☆