Datel Replacement Live Headset Xbox Review

gamingheadset_large.jpgAs much as we love the official headset, it does have its minor faults. They made it so it was nice to wear and only weighed a small amount for comfort. This though also made the problem of the headset feeling quite flimsy and breakages have occurred although overall the communicator is a great little headset that people will quite happily pay around £15 to replace.

Datel have found a little market for this and have now produced their own headset marketed as a replacement, why a replacement you say? Well for one thing it does not come with the little box of tricks that slots into your controller which houses the volume and actual input jack for the headset. You keep this and only change the headsets around making this a replacement only.

One thing after all this time you have to get used to is the fact instead of wearing the holder round the back of your head on the official headset, the Datel offering like, dare I say more old fashioned headsets, sits on the top of your head. This makes it feel a little less positioned then the official and does not feel as firm a grip.

The Speaker is heavily padded in comparison to the official headset which does actually make it feel more comfortable for long term playing, however the speaker quality does not quite match with a slightly deeper tone when people speak. You can get used to it although I do prefer the quality of the official headset from Microsoft.

The microphone has a similar tone being slightly deeper then its Official comparison. This is no major problem for actual use but it is noticeable and worth mentioning in this review.

The cable is slightly longer on the Datel headset which is a plus as I find myself catching the cable fairly often so any increase is worth noting here.


For a mere £10 you can be easily encouraged to buy this headset and you would be wise if you did as it is a very good quality headset. I will always prefer the official one over this one but a great attempt and a worthy replacement communicator.

Rating: ★★★★☆