Circus Clowns Boost Fertility

clown.jpgWhen you think of the term ‘clown’, you either imagine a comedic circus performer or as a word used to describe someone you have little regard for. Well now the clowns really do have the last laugh as they have been associated with helping fertility:

Doctors are helping women become pregnant – by sending in the clowns. Women undergoing treatment at a fertility clinic in Israel began falling pregnant after a bedside performance by professional clown Shlomi Algussi.

Dressed in a chef’s hat and yellow and white vest he told jokes, did magic tricks, and played the fool in front of patients, asking them: “Did you order steak flambe or chocolate gateaux?” The women, who had been implanted with embryos, saw their pregnancy rates shoot up from 20% to 35%.

So there you have it… If you are female and you are trying to get pregnant, send in the clowns.

Link: Clowns “Boost Fertility”

James Woodcock

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