Podcast #8 – Xbox 360 E3 Debate Volume 2 Part 1

James Woodcock's BlogcastHere is part 1 of our E3 special edition version of my Xbox 360 Debate Volume 2 featuring guests Barrie Rogers from 360 Monster, Michael Rossell from Brit Xbox, Ade Ricketts from MSXbox World and Ali Owen (freelance). Again we had plenty to talk about, so I have decided to split it into two separate shows. Part 1 covers Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 predominantly. Part 2 which covers the Microsoft presentation is available here: Blogcast #8 – Xbox 360 E3 Debate Volume 2 Part 2

Topics covered in part 1 include:

  • Nintendo Wii name change, what is the Wiison for this?
  • Nintendo Wii controller gimmick or serious tool?
  • Sony PlayStation 3 presentation uninspiring?
  • Should Microsoft be worried?
  • Sony PlayStation 3 pricing disaster?
  • Sony PlayStation 3 double trouble with packaging?
  • Blu-ray or no way?
  • Any need for the Microsoft Xbox 360 Core System?
  • Sony PlayStation 3 Controller forgets to rumble, but tilts
  • Microsoft brand a problem for the Xbox 360?
  • Sony PlayStation 3 positives
  • Xbox 360 Vs PS3 Power
  • Multimedia Functionality
  • Lack of Sony PS3 Online information
  • SEGA Dreamcast nostalgia
  • Sony PlayStation on PSP
  • 1080PSPs

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