Podcast #6 – Xbox 360 Debate Volume 1 Part 1

A special Microsoft Xbox 360 Console debate with a few guests including Barrie Rogers from 360Monster.com, Steve Cocklin and Dave Green, both avid Xbox/Xbox 360 gamers and of course myself James Woodcock. After editing the final version it was well over one hour, so instead of one long blogcast, I decided to split into two more manageable shows.

In this first part, we chat about:

  • Competing with PC gaming (lack of keyboard and mouse)
  • Next Generation a myth?
  • £50 expensive for games?
  • What do we like about Xbox 360?
  • Wireless controllers compared to Controller ‘S’
  • Disappointing launch?
  • Developers struggling for ideas?
  • Xbox Live Arcade, the Xbox 360 treasure trove
  • Marketplace usefulness

Part 2 is available here: Blogcast #7 – Xbox 360 Debate Volume 1 Part 2. I was hoping to have a staff member from MSXbox World joining us, but due to ill health, he has had to skip the first volume. We hope you get better soon, and with a bit of luck, we will have you on volume 2 instead.

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