Adding People to your Xbox 360 Friends List

xboxcom.jpgAs you can see from my Xbox 360 Gamercard on the right hand side of this site, my Gamertag is GlideManiac. Since I started my blogsite, I have had quite a few friends requests, which is fine of course, but there is one thing they forget to do 90% of the time!

It is very helpful if people wanting to add me to their friends list include a voice or text message saying who they are, where they met me/found my details and a little about themselves. That way I can know instantly why I have received an invite off a particular person. Any without such messages just get deleted I am afraid.

The friends list is a great way of keeping track of your buddies online and a room full of friends gaming is far more satisfying than a room full of strangers, especially when the game requires team tactics and constant communication.

Another thing I find odd is people adding me when they have been in a game I host, but have not spoken to me once! I am not going to add anyone who has sat there during the game sessions without muttering anything in a room. 90% of the reason I accept or add people to my list is if they come over friendly and make for a good conversation, not by their gaming abilities.

For male gamers trying to invite female gamers, don’t add them to your list just because they are female, at least try to get into a conversation with them first otherwise you can almost guarantee they will decline your invitation.

So there you have it, to follow good etiquette when adding me or indeed anyone else is to include an introduction, which is a great way to improve your chances of adding a new friend successfully!

James Woodcock

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