WD TV Live Hub Review – Xtreme Tech Blog UK

My first review to appear on the new website Xtreme Tech Blog UK has just gone live, covering the WD TV Live Hub:

Many of the latest high definition televisions are starting to include built-in media players, giving consumers the chance to view various content including music, photos and of course video on a large display. You may be one of those people who don’t wish to upgrade your existing television to earn these new capabilities, but still wish to enjoy the same functionality and a little more without the investment a new HDTV would require.

Quite a few companies are now releasing external devices that allow you to transform your television into a media hub, rich with new online content. Western Digital have gone a step further than most and included an internal 1TB (1000GB) hard drive that can store your own created content, giving you the option to share your wonderful memories, pulsating beats and home movies with friends and family on a substantial and impressively sized display.

Link: WD TV Live Hub Review – Media Player for your TV with Built-In Hard Drive

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