WD My Book Live Home Network Drive Review – Tech Depot Blog UK

My latest review for Tech Depot Blog UK has just gone live and this time I take a look at the WD My Book Live Home Network Drive:

If like me you are enthusiastic about technology, the chances are you have more than one computer. Not only may you have numurous computers in the form of desktops, notebooks and netbooks – I bet you may even have phones, tablets and even television screens that can access and playback various media file types. You may also have a family, who all want access to the same collection of music, photographs and videos.

The WD My Book Live Home Network Drive solves these issues wonderfully as it is essentially an external hard drive that physically connects to your router using a traditional Ethernet cable. Once installed, you can copy up to 1GB-3GB (depending on the model) of data in the form of files & media, sharing this information and content to various devices and users – without any of the traditional hassles. The device can be configured to share media content to many devices including computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles and even iTunes software.

Link: WD My Book Live Home Network Drive Review – Access Files & Media on Various Devices

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