App Recommendations – 10 iPad 2 Apps You Will Love – Tech Depot Blog UK

My latest app recommendations article for Tech Depot Blog UK has just appeared on their website, this time a special edition focusing on the Apple iPad 2:

Welcome to my third article that is part of a series of posts typically featuring Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Google Android and Windows Phone 7 apps. Today though, I reflect on the recent release of the Apple iPad 2 and cover 10 apps I feel everyone will enjoy.

The iTunes App Store is absolutely crammed packed with software and games that feature the very best of functionality and enjoyment, although finding the right selections can be quite a daunting task. So let’s continue our journey where I reveal my recommendations and you of course can share your discoveries within the comments section.

Link: App Recommendations #3 – 10 iPad 2 Apps You Will Love

James Woodcock

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