Apple iPad 2 Review – Tech Depot Blog UK

My latest review for Tech Depot Blog UK has just appeared on their website, this time for the Apple iPad 2:

On March 25th 2011, I found myself queueing for over eight hours with around 400 people waiting for the release of the next generation of iPad – known of course as the iPad 2. After a lot of twiddling of thumbs, I finally laid my hands on what is likely to be by my own predictions – the most successful tablet computer for 2011. This is not to say that there isn’t any competition, in fact this year marks a true turning point where hardware and software developers aim their sights and nibble away at Apple’s massive success with their own creations. 2010 did enjoy a few rivals, however the Google Android operating system (the main competitor to Apple’s own iOS platform) was actually intended for smart-phones at the time and not the larger displays tablets utilise, leaving quite a few glaring problems.

Link: Apple iPad 2 Review – The Next Generation of Tablet Facing Crowded Market

James Woodcock

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