My ARCHOS Clipper 2GB MP3/WMA Music Player Article/HD Video – Tech Depot Blog UK

My latest article and HD video for Tech Depot Blog UK is now live, this time covering the ARCHOS Clipper portable music player:

Today many of our mobile phones include some form of built-in music player. This is certainly a handy feature, however there are times when even a mobile phone can be a hindrance on your travels. If you visit the gym with any kind of frequency or like to exert energy by jogging or running, then a piece of hardware that is small, light and capable of playing your favourite tunes to help pass the time is certainly a welcome one.

Introducing the ARCHOS Clipper, which is an extremely portable music player with 2GB of internal memory and support for both MP3 and WMA audio formats and priced below £20.

James Woodcock

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