My Lexmark Interact S605 Printer, Scanner and Copier Article – Tech Depot Blog

My latest article for Tech Depot Blog is now live, this time covering the Lexmark Interact S605 Printer, Scanner and Copier 3in1 Wireless Device:

Having already taken a look at the feature packed Lexmark Pro905, I was very excited at the prospect of testing a 3in1 unit a little further down the pricing scale. You may consider this thinking a little confusing, why on earth would I want to experiment with a device that has less features? The answer is simple, even at the lower price point – the Lexmark Interact S605 printer, scanner and copier enjoys a selection of benefits that would have been impossible for a so called ‘budget’ unit not so long ago – so seeing how it performs in comparison sparks my interest.

Link: Lexmark Interact S605 Printer, Scanner and Copier – Wireless 3in1 for Home Offices

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