Vodcast #1 – Vodburner – Skype Video Capture and Editing with Jeremy Hague

VodburnerIn my first ever video podcast interview (or Vodcast for short), I chat with Jeremy Hague from Netralia, who pops on to Skype to tell us all about their latest software Vodburner. Vodburner allows you to capture video and audio from a Skype video interaction and then gives you the option of editing the conversation. This interview actually uses the Vodburner software.

You may have heard of earlier software released by the company designed for use with Skype, which include Skylook and Callburner.

Enjoy the YouTube video below, download the *.mp4 version for your portable video player or simply subscribe using the RSS MP3 feed or via iTunes

To download a 14 day trial of Vodburner, click this link:
> Vodburner – Skype Video Capture and Editing

James Woodcock

Freelance Journalist, Author, Blogger & Podcaster specialising in gaming and technology.

Ever since he experienced the first controllable pixel movement on the television screen, he has been entranced by the possibilities and rewarding entertainment value generated from these metal and plastic boxes of delight. Writing hundreds of articles including commentary and reviews on various gaming platforms, while also interviewing well known industry figures for popular online publications.

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  • Hey James,

    Thanks for having me on the show. Interview looks great – We just tweeted it (@vodburner).

    All the best,

    Jeremy Hague
    The VodBurner Team

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  • Nicely done and presented James. Looking forward to future ones. :)

  • Ade

    Another cool product covered James.

  • Ken

    HI James – i only spotted "VODBURNER" on the web couple days ago after firstly my hard drive crashing and having to buy new one+therefore after that having to re-install ALL software& files etc i came across your interview via vodburner – very well done i must say and it looks worth it, i have downloaded it myself and sometime in future when i get chance to update my website, Blog and Twitter A/C's i will defo put link to yours on all. i have to run now but if you could send me your blog/twitter details so i can add as a follower etc – my blog is called "shanard Group" i think at blogger.com & search for 'Shanard Group' and on Twitter i think its 'shanardg' – cheers, well done and i shall keep track of you….Shan

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  • Tina

    Great but whyyyyy don't you have a Mac compatible version???

    • Hey Tina, we are looking into a Mac version but unfortunately VodBurner is just for Windows right now. Check back (or follow us on Twitter – @vodburner) for the word on a potential Mac version of VodBurner for Skype.


      Jeremy Hague
      VodBurner Team

  • Hi James. Came across VodBurner yesterday while looking for a way to record Skype video. Before actually diving in, I was searching for more help on what to expect after recording. Your video interview (YouTube version) ranked really high in Google for help with VodBurner. ;) I watched it and was not only impressed with your friendly interviewing style, but I like how you re-frame answers in case the audience doesn't get it the first time. Jeremy's explanation of the whole process made me more comfortable with working with the recorded video. Thanks for doing the interview and sharing it.

    • Thanks for your comment :) I am glad you enjoyed my very first Vodcast.

      I plan to do another interview with Jeremy using purely the features of Vodburner and he promises to detail the new additions to the software as well.

      • Nico

        What does vodburner do?

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  • voltes

    I prefer record Skype with IMCapture for Skype

  • squiggle

    You are so cool jeremy

  • Bratnlynae

    With the video, Can you add music to it?

    • Hey Bratnlynae,

      Yes, with VodBurner you can add audio tracks to your videos. Download and install (free) and check out the 'Add Audio' option in the Enhance Tab inside VodBurner.

      Contact us at http://www.vodburner.com/support if you have any questions.

      Good luck!

      Jeremy Hague
      VodBurner Team

  • thanks for information, and I heard many people record Skype with IMCapture for Skype ( imcapture.com ) . anybody used this app?

  • John

    I made the mistake of trialing vodburner for an important interview that took me weeks to setup. When I tried to edit the raw interview the vodburner program kept crashing, I tried using vodburner’s cryptic problem resolution and ended up losing the entire interview file. Thanks to vodburner I wasted a lot of effort and now will have to ask my guest to re-do the interview, but this time I’ll do it on a stable recording platform – not vodburner!

    • Jeremy Hague

      Hi John,

      Sorry to hear that you had troubles & for any inconvenience caused. I am one of the cofounders of VodBurner. I can’t see your surname here in the post but have you tried getting in touch with our help desk http://www.netralia.com/support?

      Jeremy Hague
      VodBurner Team