Captions Added to my Gaming Video Reviews – Easy Process Thanks to YouTube’s New Feature

captions2As someone who loves new features, I couldn’t help but exploit the latest perks of using YouTube. Captions (subtitles) were already supported in the past, however it was an extremely time consuming process as you are required to add time markers for when each sentence should appear. There is now an option though that allows you to upload a simple text file of what is read aloud in the narration and YouTube will cleverly match up the text file to the audio on your video, providing viewers the option of displaying captions if required.

captions3Today I have made sure that all my gaming video reviews both in standard and high definition (HD) now support captions and you can see these below. Remember to select the lower right box and then the option [CC] within the YouTube controls to view the subtitles, which appears when the video begins:

James Woodcock

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