My Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Review for the Xbox 360 – Slowly Advancing Forward

tigw10multiscrntournamentatmosphere1Here is my review for the Xbox 360 version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. There are improvements as ever, but the slow progression forward is a little disappointing for those who play each years installment:

I have reviewed so many Tiger Woods games for the Xbox platform that introductions almost seem unnecessary at this point. I am sure we all know what the series is all about and the slow progression when it comes down to graphical and gameplay advancements, yet they are the best golf games available.

One of the new challengers to the mighty Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise for the Xbox 360 though ironically comes from the same series, but on a different platform. The Nintendo Wii now sporting the extra sensitive Wii Motion Plus controller, allows the golfing experience to shine like never before. Yes the graphics may feel limited compared to our next generation beasts, but the immersion benefits have turned a few Xbox and PlayStation users heads to the little white box of joy. So what does the high definition version offer for those of us who don’t want a Nintendo Wii?

Link: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Review for the Xbox 360

James Woodcock

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