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My Discworld Enhanced Soundtrack Version 2.0 Released for ScummVM

discworldtitleRecently, the team at ScummVM announced support for the original Discworld point and click adventure including its sequel. Today I am very happy to release version 2.0 of my enhanced soundtrack for you to use with the game, which will give everyone superior sounding music and not just those with powerful MIDI equipment.

A big thank you for the countless emails I have had about this particular release and of course to Terry Pratchett for allowing my enhancements to be released for your enjoyment.

To install, extract the music from the zip file and copy it to your Discworld folder on your hard drive. Make sure you have the latest SVN version of ScummVM from their website or version 1.0 or later (when it is released). For best quality (although not mandatory), start the ScummVM program and select Discworld. Now select [Edit Game], switch to Audio tab and set Sample Rate to 44kHz.

If you enjoy my enhancements, please consider donating.

To download the soundtrack, click the link below:
LINK: Discworld Soundtrack

Webmasters: Please do not link to the files directly, instead link to this page!

James Woodcock

Freelance Journalist, Author, Blogger & Podcaster specialising in gaming and technology.

Ever since he experienced the first controllable pixel movement on the television screen, he has been entranced by the possibilities and rewarding entertainment value generated from these metal and plastic boxes of delight. Writing hundreds of articles including commentary and reviews on various gaming platforms, while also interviewing well known industry figures for popular online publications.

  • tibology

    tested. ok.
    nice :)
    thank you

  • Wow… thanks a lot for this!:x
    It’s a shame really that no CD of this beautiful OST was ever released…

  • Well you could always create your own CD with my enhanced tracks for personal use :)

  • 16Brit Otaku

    Simply beautiful, enhances this fine old game so much, can’t wait to try out Simon the Sorcerer with the new audio.

  • Omg man.. you’re ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT…(really :D )
    Don’t think there’s no one appreciating your work.
    I’ll be sure to pass this on to my “old-skool gaming” buddies.


  • double post:

    You really go me riled up lol
    I’ll go play them right now XD

  • Rez

    Wow, I’m impressed. :o
    But… I have one simple advise.
    In the future please try using the latest (http://www.rarewares.org/ogg-oggenc.php) avilable oggenc for the best possible quality. THX! :d

  • Will

    Thanks so much and God bless you! The enhancements forSimon the Sorcerer and Discworld are fantastic! May the same fortune befall Discoworld II :”>

  • Discworld II doesn’t use MIDI!

    Thanks for your comments :)

  • Michael

    You Have no idea HOW MUCH THIS GAME MEANS TO ME! I've been searching the Internet for HOURS now,and its by sheer luck I find this,thank you,a million times over. =)

  • Ste

    This is truly amazing, thank you so much.

  • Festa

    Is Beneath a Steel Sky soundtrack still in works?

  • Trexmaster12

    I've put the Discworld on the hard drive (C:), unrar-ed the tracks, putted them in the "Discworld" file (the data of the game). Now I think I need to EDIT the game via scummvm. What I must do now?

    • You can if you wish alter the audio rate to increase the quality of the music from the default, however this is not essential. Instructions are in the article above.

      Then you should be able to run the game with my enhanced music featured.

  • Trexmaster12

    I've done that and… nothing. Do I need to put everything in default mode in the audio tab?

  • Trexmaster12

    No wait… I've removed the game again (it was from another directory) and I've re-added it again. AND IT WORKS NOW!! OMG! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

    • Glad you are sorted, let me know how you find the music :)

  • Fabio77

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful work! The music are superb, very best of original in my opinion, congratulations! I've played this game at the time of PS1 and some years later I found it also for PC, and it always stayed in my heart, as also the second chapter (the third, "Noir", a little less, but it was nice anyway). Thanks again from Italy, will now play more willingly!
    (Waiting for a remake in HD, as already have done for Monkey Island 1 and 2! You know something about it? I hope someone deal with it!)

  • Rez

    Is it possible for you to put here flac version?

  • youngblood

    I copied the files in the discworld folder but I have no speech sound at all. The rest works fine but when i go to the audio tab, then the text and speech option is grey.

    • Did this only happen 'after' you copied the music files to the folder or was this also the case before?

      • youngblood

        No originaly I had no speech sound and I thought by copying your files it would solve this issue.

        • The files I created are for the Music only, this does not include voice or sound effects. I recommend you post on the ScummVM forum if you are still having problems.

          • youngblood

            It's ok i just had a version without speech. I now got one with speech and your enhanced sound files. It's great!!! Thanks for upgrading one of the best adventure games ever!

  • Ozone Sama

    Thank you very much for this great work of enhancement!

  • Amy

    Hiya, I’m really confused about this; are you trying to create a format of Discworld that will work? Or is this just the soundtrack….? (am so desperate to play this game again!)

    • This is an enhanced soundtrack for use within the game using ScummVM software.

      Using ScummVM, many point and click adventures including Discworld are supported as long as you own the original CD / floppy disks.

      There was talk of Discworld becoming Freeware (free to download) at one point, but that appears to have stalled for the time being.