Buzz: Brain of the UK Review for PlayStation3 – Great, Why Not Downloadable?

buzz_sc001_en_gb3Here is my latest review and this time for Buzz: Brain of the UK for the Sony PlayStation3:

I have been playing quiz games on various platforms for years now probably starting with a PC game called ‘You Don’t Know Jack’. Although all seem to either capture a particular well known real life game show or add bizarre gimmicks to lure us in, I have been persistently disappointed by the lack of a true title winner that excels. Buzz attempts to put an end to my grief by adding the well known gimmicks as well as a few new ones while actually adding a substantial amount of substance in regards to the questions and expandability thanks to downloadable content.

Buzz: Brain of the UK is a little bit of a contradiction though… Although the original Buzz for the PlayStation3 features additional purchasable questions thanks to the PlayStation store, it seems they couldn’t resist releasing a brand new version of the game on disk, themed this time on the UK universe of questions and tom foolery featuring England, Scotland and Welsh flags. Why this route of trying to interest us with a whole new disk purchase rather than take advantage of downloadable updates is almost nonsensical, however lets give it a chance.

Link: My Buzz: Brain of the UK Review for the Sony PlayStation3

James Woodcock

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