My Top Spin 3 Review for Xbox 360 – Monumental Errors Spoil Overall Experience

screen10_large.jpgI adore tennis games, but my patience has been pushed to its maximum with Top Spin 3:

It is mind boggling how a tennis game that started with such potential on the original Xbox has become one of the saddest stories of development. When games like Virtua Tennis were still king, the original Top Spin dare to challenge our sporting senses with a brand new graphical tour-de-force with addictive gaming experience including Xbox Live elements.

Ever since Top Spin 2 however, the wind of change has been slowly creeping by our racket heads as Virtua Tennis 3 regained its status. The response to this is now of course Top Spin 3, however if we are to find a rewarding tennis experience, we will need the patience of a saint and a strong determination to battle our immediate frustrations.

Review: Top Spin 3 Review for Xbox 360

James Woodcock

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