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Discworld Classic Game MIDI Music Enhancement – Full Soundtrack Released

Discworld PC GameAlthough the ScummVM developers haven’t been able to release any compatibility for this classic point and click adventure game yet, I have had quite a few emails in regards to this particular title trying to convince me to release early, especially when I announced I had received permission to do so.

I haven’t had much time recently, which is the battle most of us end up facing when we have any kind of project on the go, however over the last few days I have been putting the finishing touches to this soundtrack and have some great news for many of you…

Well it is Christmas after all, so as part of my ScummVM Music Enhancement Project, here is the full soundtrack for you to enjoy while we wait in eager anticipation to be able to use them along with the game. This means that the tracks are optimised for use with ScummVM, so expect abrupt endings to the music as they are intended to loop.

Discworld is a graphical adventure game developed by Teeny Weeny Games and Perfect 10 Productions in mid 1995. It features Rincewind the Wizard (voiced by Eric Idle) and is set in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. [read more]

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For those who can’t remember Discworld, check the video out below:

James Woodcock

Freelance Journalist, Author, Blogger & Podcaster specialising in gaming and technology.

Ever since he experienced the first controllable pixel movement on the television screen, he has been entranced by the possibilities and rewarding entertainment value generated from these metal and plastic boxes of delight. Writing hundreds of articles including commentary and reviews on various gaming platforms, while also interviewing well known industry figures for popular online publications.

  • Ben

    Nice one – I shall download these and listen to them over the weekend :)


  • Mitchel

    Thanks a lot for this. Ive been searching for this game’s soundtrack for a long time. This stuff always gets me in that point and click gaming mood. Even years after I have last played it, I still humm its songs every now and then.

    I wish you a happy 2008 in advance.

    – Mitchel

  • Groovehound

    Cheers, hope the quality is good. I remember the soundtrack as a major plus about this game (never completed the game though as I don’t believe in cheating). I still have the disc somewhere, along with the (DirectDraw) Discworld II. The style of Discworld I was vastly superior and made it far more atmospheric. Nice one for bringing this back.

  • Sath

    Awesome. How’re the Beneath A Steel Sky midis going?

  • They are next on my list :)

  • Sath

    That’s great news :)

  • TehEmu

    Hmm, this is odd, my download seems to stop all the time so it doesn’t complete the file. Any ideas why?

  • Works fine for me. Make sure you clear out your Internet Browser cache and try again and hopefully that will sort out your problem.

  • Cyphox

    YOU – ARE – THE – MAN – !!!!!

  • Joe

    THANK YOU! This is amazing! :D Although now it makes me long for a soundtrack release of Discworld II… *sigh*

  • Quicksilver

    It won’t download… It gets to 80% and then stops. This has happened like five times, even after clearing the cache. I’m using firefox, does that make a difference?

  • You can try using Internet Explorer, it might help.

  • Nazo

    Instead of either of those try using Opera instead. It actually properly supports resuming. Among other things it doesn’t keep the file in the cache while downloading and then delete it shortly after the download breaks, so resuming will work any time so long as the server supports it.

    This server does seem to be loosing the connection rather often though. I’m having to resume it multiple times rather than just one even. I wonder if these could be hosted somewhere else? Maybe through ScummVM they could go on SourceForge? It would be faster and spare bandwidth on this server as well anyway.

  • Adam Hearn

    I’m not 100% convinced they will fit in the game as well as the original midi sounds. Certainly not taking anything away from the fantastic arrangements you have – they do sound fantastic.

    Hopefully sometime [this year] Discworld will be working in ScummVM and I can change my mind :)

  • Jonathan

    Thanks a lot for this!

    I’m really looking forward to the BASS one…

  • Alan

    The game is supported now in scummvm, when will ogg be supported?

  • There are more tracks in the soundtrack that have been found and this will take time to enhance and organise.

    I may also delay a final in-game compatible release until I have had a chance to run through all the files again to make some minor alterations.

    Only time will tell for now…

  • Alec

    I’m workin wit a mac, and when I want to dl the file at a certain point it just breaks. An suggestions (apart from using ie)?
    btw, despite me not havin heard the reworked soundtrack, thx a lot for the hard work!

  • Eventually all my soundtracks will be hosted elsewhere, however the files should be fine.

    Please clear your Internet Cache and try again.

  • SlimG

    The download problems seems to be related to the server they’re hosted on, and not the download-software. You should be able to complete the download if you are using a downloader that supports resuming, but you’ll have to start the download again manually each time it stops.

    James: If it’s of any interest, I’ll host the file on my server for you, the bandwith should be pretty good there, and no stop-download-stop-download issue ;)

    Ps. Are there any track-titles for these tracks? Please let me know.

  • I do realise that the server the files are hosted on is not helping the situation, however a mirror has been found and will be re-released with new tracks and slightly altered tracks in the future.

    For the time being, the files MUST remain here on this website ONLY!

    Thanks for the offer though :)

    As for names of the tracks, I didn’t have any titles to begin with just file names.

  • SlimG

    [Comment ID #92075 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Sure thing, looking forward to the new tracks, is there a possibility you could get a hold of the tracknames and tag the new tracks before they’re released to the public?

  • I don’t believe so…

  • Alec

    I tried it both on mac and windows ( yes i cleared the cache), still not workin tho’
    but thx for the help, I will just try SlimG’s suggestion, or just wait for the mirror ;)
    Good lookin out!

  • Jon

    I’ve long been a fan of the Discworld game (and indeed it’s soundtrack), just wanted to say well done! You’ve done a lovely job and I look forward to hearing it in conjunction with the Scumm port, eventually!

  • Fritz

    You are an absolute legend. I was playing these games years ago and I still have the music going round in my head. Couldn’t find a soundtrack anywhere, until now.

    The music alone is very beautiful but these enhancements make it sound like stunning classical music, amde my eyes water with the memories and finally being able to have them on file to cherish. (geeky I know)

    Currently playing them all one by one and trying to name them with the scenes they play for. LOVE what you’ve done with L-Space, The Cook throwing Pancakes and of course the hilarious Following the string at nanny oggs. The Patricians palace (particularly the bathroom scene!) are also amazing.

    Thankyou for enabling me and many others to relive the memories. Looks like you’ll be getting good karma for christmas!

  • Mir

    Thank you!

  • Mike

    Thank you! :d

  • Chief05

    Hey guys!

    Discworld now is supported by ScummVM! Great!

  • Pi

    Does this collection work with ScummVM yet? The daily build I mean, or does the game still have to be freewared first?

  • You will need to ask the ScummVM developers this really.

  • Ace2

    I have the newest version of ScummVM and, although I followed the instructions, the game doesn't recognize the new files and still runs off of the MIDI.

    • Is it the English version of Discworld?

      • Ace2

        Yeah it is. It's the version that I found on Abandonia

        • Discworld is not freeware and should therefore not be available on the Internet to download for free. I am sorry but I do not offer support to illegally downloaded games.