My Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Review – Xbox 360

MSXbox-World have just posted my Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Review on their website:

“One new game mode is Bingo, Bango, Bongo. Yes what a strange name, but actually it just means you get a point for when you reach the green first, closest to the pin and who sinks the ball in the cup with the lowest score. It is a nice addition and adds to what is a massive selection of content. Finally Tiger Woods feels like a whole game again as when it first appeared on the Xbox 360, it was mercilessly cut down as we moved into that next gen arena.

Everything we know about Tiger’s controls hasn’t altered either, except for making it easier to add draw or fade to the ball. Remember those tight dog legs with a few trees blocking your way? Well now you can apply this action before you hit the ball using the Right and Left bumper buttons. This is just another tedious addition that makes this game even simpler and maybe will put off a few veterans of the series, but a welcome addition to those who hate to try a usually risky manoeuvre.”

Link: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Review

James Woodcock

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