My Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix Review

MSXbox World have just posted my Xbox 360 review of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Although I enjoyed this game for its vast exploration, there was certainly something missing from the main part of the game…

Harry Potter is back and this time, he has gone all next generation on us! Yes the little lad we once knew with his cute little spectacles and squeaky voice is now all grown up into a man with. a squeaky voice. No of course I am kidding, but seriously it has been a long trek just to get to this game and now we are treated to the first Xbox 360 Harry Potter game, expectations on one hand are high and on the other because it’s a movie licence very low.

So what next gen delights are first apparent in this overly long titled Harry Potter game? Well first of all you can explore an almost complete and identical Hogwarts and surrounding area. This means you are left to explore the vast amount of rooms, corridors and stairs that litter this amazing spectacle.

Link: My Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Review

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