My UEFA Champions League 2006 – 2007 Review

MSXbox-World have posted my review for this latest Xbox 360 football game from Electronic Arts:

Can you believe this is already the fourth football game from Electronic Arts for the Xbox 360? That would mean if you purchased every football game made by them for this console, you would be £160 out of pocket!

Just when you think Electronic Arts have exploited every possible tournament for their football series, they pop out another title to tempt you into parting with your all important cash. Just like the World Cup and European event counterparts, the UEFA Champions League is yet another reason to be concerned that the main FIFA games appearing every year are further being diminished by the cashing-in mentality of this series.

The FIFA games have always been the best buy as season play is far more satisfying than only tournaments, especially when you are expected to play them over and over again to feel rewarded after your expense, but can UEFA change this trend with some very novel additions? Quite a challenge and one this game must grab with both hands if EA are to come out of this with their heads held high.

Link: UEFA Champions League 2006 – 2007 Review

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