My Virtua Tennis 3 Review for Xbox 360

Here is my Virtua Tennis 3 review for the Xbox 360:

Now I hope you are ready for some tennis nostalgia as we set off in our little gaming time machine back to the good old SEGA Dreamcast, where the delights of two players, one net, two rackets and a few simple lines to create the outline of a court can inspire even the most bewildered sport fanatic.

Yes the game I am talking about is of course Virtua Tennis, which is the pinnacle sports title of the last few console generations. With its arcade styling’s and simple pick up and play attitude, this SEGA gem had been left in the shadows since the demise of the Dreamcast and only now has it appeared from behind the crowd to again take on the competitors.

I must say I have been quite addicted to this game for the last few weeks and I have also recently interviewed Toby Allen, Assistant Producer from Sumo Digital. They are behind the Xbox 360 port and offers insight into the process and the final game. This will be released as a podcast on in the next few days!

Note: On, the score is currently shown as an average of the scores I gave for graphics, gameplay etc as is coded within the content system, however on the new site design it will be an independent value. Average is 7.7 , but I am giving the game 8.5 (85%), which will be shown when the site re-launches! Confusing I know, but thats what happens between site designs.

Review: Virtua Tennis 3 Review for Xbox 360
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