Logitech X-540 5.1 Surround Speakers

logitechx540.jpgWhy is it when I am looking for something to buy, I have to spend hours researching what is the best for the budget I have set? Who would have thought that something as simple as PC speakers were going to cause me so much hassle to find the set that would be perfect for my requirements.

Well after all this frustration, I finally set my sights on the Logitech X-540 5.1 Surround Speakers. At around £50 online here in the United Kingdom, they seemed perfect for playing back music and editing audio. I didn’t need any hardware decoders for Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS, so I could save quite a bit of money there as the SoundCard does all the work.

When they arrived I must admit I was very apprehensive as although it had glowing reviews around the Internet, the box it arrived in seemed incredibly small. Before I had even opened it up I was considering sending it back as how could you possibly get a great sound out of something so small? It turns out I was completely wrong…

The subwoofer is very small compared to what I had before (Videologic DigiTheatre 5.1), but in this case size doesn’t matter as it really packs a punch. Bizarrely the speaker for the subwoofer is facing downwards and virtually unprotected, however the sound it produces is about ten times better than my previous setup.

The satellites that surround you look nice as you can see the speaker cones inside and they also have a great sound quality to them. It also comes with a handy remote control attached by a wire (not wireless but for this price who cares and for that matter who wants to keep changing batteries!), which provides volume, bass and matrix controls. Matrix is basically a falsified 5.1 surround sound experience from any stereo sound like music for example. Quite effective, but I do prefer the original sound much better than trying to create something in a guessing process.

All in all I can’t believe the overall experience they provide. I am so chuffed I purchased them now! So if you are looking for a nice set of speakers for gaming, music or just general computer usage, I can highly recommend these if you have a budget of around £50.

James Woodcock

Freelance Journalist, Author, Blogger & Podcaster specialising in gaming and technology. Ever since he experienced the first controllable pixel movement on the television screen, he has been entranced by the possibilities and rewarding entertainment value generated from these metal and plastic boxes of delight. Writing hundreds of articles including commentary and reviews on various gaming platforms, while also interviewing well known industry figures for popular online publications.