My Sonic the Hedgehog Review for Xbox 360

sonicthehedgehog.jpgTo say I had nothing positive to say about this game would be an understatement! I really do love Sonic and the fact that this game totally destroys the gaming I so adored has actually upset me and maybe this is even reflected in my review:

For any SEGA fan, a little blue hedgehog will sit firmly and lovingly in your heart. Sonic ever since its first foray on the SEGA Megadrive has somehow survived the test of time, the move from 2D to 3D graphics and even a new audience but alas it has faltered terribly as we enter the next generation.

Sonic has always been a story of cute and cuddly animals, vibrant colours and memorable music however forget your original perceptions and lets together venture down a new avenue of despair, horror and damn right stupidity. No I am not talking about the story line as dull as it is, but of the feeling tormenting you from level one.

I am sure there are some people who will disagree with my experience of the game, but I am also positive that this is one of the worst Sonic games to ever be released.

Link: Sonic the Hedgehog Review for Xbox 360

James Woodcock

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