Sonic the Hedgehog Xbox 360 First Impressions

sonicthehedgehog.jpgLet me start by saying that Sonic the Hedgehog is an icon, an icon who for anyone who owned a SEGA console will remember the good old days of 2D platform games and 3D adventuring. That little blue hedgehog is timeless fun and I am very happy to play the original even now from start to finish with maybe even a slight tear in my eye.

Since entering 3D, Sonic has struggled to keep the same magic but never so depressingly as Sonic the Hedgehog for the Microsoft Xbox 360…

Before this there was Sonic Heroes (Ignore Shadow!), a title where you controlled Sonic, Tails and Knuckles as a team to bypass difficult areas. This was actually quite fun although never quite hitting the mark that Sonic Adventure on the SEGA Dreamcast attained. Now on the so called ‘next generation’ consoles, our expectations have risen as we look for spectacular graphics and the same old frantic speedy fun that we love.

Graphically the game can look very nice indeed, but that’s the only positive I have so far! Yes it is that bad…

The very worst aspect is the camera angles with the annoyingly slow panning from left to right and the enormously long loading times. It is very common to have a chat with someone in the game **load** 5 second cut-scene **load** complete the challenge **load** congratulated by same character **load**. I feel like I have returned to the era of cassette tapes, where the actual fun included whether the game actually loaded or not.

I am so utterly depressed at how bad this latest Sonic game is, I am for the first time ever dreading writing a review. Normally I relish a good old ‘grab by the throat’ negative article. It gives me as a writer an easy review as you have plenty to talk about, but the fact that this is Sonic, that lovable blue hedgehog that captured my imagination is actual upsetting me.

I am really looking forward to next weekend when the whole ordeal is over.

James Woodcock

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