My NHL 07 Review for Xbox 360

nhl07rev2.jpgOver at MSXbox World, they have posted my latest review:

“EA Sports skipped last year with its NHL series of games for the Xbox 360. This was actually welcome as I wish many more of their titles skipped a year to truly bring something new and exciting that wasn’t available before. There are so many EA games where you feel only token gestures have been made to help sell millions more copies of a series, but with NHL 07 being their first NHL for the Xbox 360, lets see what the extra time has brought us.

The big extra for this latest NHL title is the Skill Stick. Chuck out those controls we have become comfortable with for all these years and bring in something new and hey maybe even exciting as well to the arena. EA have really delivered something here that has caught everybody’s attention, which is no small advancement. Using the right analog stick, you can now control the smallest action when attacking. By pulling back and letting fly with this method, you can feel in total control, well after a great deal of practice anyway.”

Link: My NHL 07 Review for Xbox 360

James Woodcock

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