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Windows Live Messenger (MSN 8.0) Goes Final

windowslive.jpgMove over MSN Messenger, the successor Windows Live Messenger has finally arrived. Having been in beta stages for quite a while now, the full public release is now available to download.

  • Call their phones. Call their PCs.
    Call your friends’ mobile or landline phones. It’s great value within the UK or internationally. And calling someones PC is always free.
  • See them on the screen
    Show and tell: get a webcam and start a video conversation within minutes.
  • Share stuff
    Set up a Sharing Folder with a friend. Drop in photos and other stuff, as much as your computer can handle. See it even when one of you is offline.
  • A network of millions
    Tap into the world’s largest IM network, with hundreds of millions of users worldwide.
  • Soon: talk to your Yahoo! friends, too
    Soon you’ll be able to use Windows Live Messenger to talk to your friends who use Yahoo! Messenger with Voice. The world’s largest IM network is getting even bigger.

To be honest, very little has visibly changed and the drastic overhaul I was hoping for never really materialized. Thankfully I have Skype for voice chat, so Windows Live just fills my text messaging requirements.

Link: Windows Live Messenger Final Download

James Woodcock

Freelance Journalist, Author, Blogger & Podcaster specialising in gaming and technology.

Ever since he experienced the first controllable pixel movement on the television screen, he has been entranced by the possibilities and rewarding entertainment value generated from these metal and plastic boxes of delight. Writing hundreds of articles including commentary and reviews on various gaming platforms, while also interviewing well known industry figures for popular online publications.

  • And I was hoping it would tie in with Xbox Live, as it is called Live Messenger now :(

  • From what I know it will do eventually.

  • Oh, OK, that’s better. :d



  • Did you have any problems with the previous version? Are you getting an error message?

  • storm


  • erm….. hi o:-)

  • holli

    Mine wont even let me open it, it says that its not a Win32 application, and i cant even use 7.5! help me!!

  • [Comment ID #3783 Will Be Quoted Here]

    What Operating System are you using Holli?

  • Some1

    My Live msn messenger wont open, i clicked it like a thousand times but it still didnt open x(

  • JD

    I keep trying to open Windows live messenger but it wont open. I unistalled and re-installed. I reset the computer too! But it just wont open.


  • caitlin

    ah help im having the same problem as a few people here, i keep clicking but it wont open, i trid uninstalling and reinstalling but still it wont work! Grrr! i really need it! help!

  • Rayeen

    my msn 8.0 dosnt have paint and all the other people have paintx(

  • daniel matthews

    Mine wont even let me open it, it says that its not a Win32 application. Using windows 2000, brand new pc!

    Any ideas??

  • dom

    My msn messenger say it’s not a valid ‘win32’ application!!!
    I’ve tried everything I can think of.
    Plz Help

  • Lee

    My msn has been working fine and all of a sudden….BAM!

    When i open it the process starts, but the program does NOT open! if i keep tryin 2 open the process just duplicates itself! taking up all my cpu and freezing my computer. I tried web messenger which DIDNT WORK.Iv tried repairing, installing, uninstalling but it never even opens!!! and my windows messenger does also not work! It just gives me an “error report” message. Please someone help!?

  • Damo

    i get exactly the same thing as lee i am running vista home premium 32bit.

  • Jeminev

    [Comment ID #12042 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i’m having the same problem… and it’s my lifeline. has anyone fixed this yet?


  • aki

    msn live wont download it ses summet bwt a win32 ……. help

  • natalie

    sooo annoyed!
    I got a brand new laptop with windows vista basic eddition and i cant download msn! Says its not capatible! Anyone help?

  • paul

    i have just got a new laptop with windows vista. i have windows messenger but every time i open it dep kicks in and shuts down the program. can somebody please.. please help me.:-?

  • Jenn

    :(( I also purchased a new laptop with vista, and I cannot open messenger either – like Lee and Caitlyn I have uninstalled, reinstalled, repaired, rebooted and anything else I can think of. When I try to open it it starts, and I get the login screen, and then it says, messenger has encountered an error and the program will now close… or something like that. anyone have any ideas? you’d think microsoft would have thought of this before releasing vista

  • Emma

    My lovely laptop is all Vista-fied, but no matter what I do, and believe me, I’ve spent hours trawling the forums looking for a solution, NOTHING works when trying to sign into ANY form of msn messenger, and for that matter, Yahoo messenger. I have the patch for Acer laptops to stop the DEP error, but it won’t let me sign in, instead telling me there’s a problem. I’m not all knowing when it comes to computers, so short of throwing the laptop across the room, what can I do???

  • blair

    when i sign in 4 windows live messenger it says my firewalls wont allow it

  • Alan

    Hey people,i click on my msn shortcut on the desktop and it comes up with messenger has encountered a problem and needs to close,.. i use msn a lot,,.. and now i cant even open the application need help !!!!!thanks Alan

  • Jonny

    My alienware laptop is under 6 months old and I instaled vista and then I instaled Windows live messenger but It wont open!!!! same as most of you.. im going crazzy 8-} never will open :((


    my window live does not open, i tired everthink i can possible do, in insttall 8.o still does not work. there has to be a answe some were out there some must know that answer, please help me. waht can i do. my vista clouse my window live chat.

  • fronx

    [Comment ID #17179 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Same problem^^^^

  • maria

    im having the same problem as so many other people here , it won’t work, it just says its not a valid win32 application:(( its really annoying, i recently re-installed windows and it worked before. any suggestions? ITS URGENT PLEASE!!!!! [-o< thanks! if any one has any tips PLEASEEE email me at charliebarleyrulz@hotmail.com.
    thanks again

  • Dan

    [Comment ID #29929 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Emma, I have the exact same problem. New Acer laptop, Vista Home Premium, cannot get it to work even after downloading the supposed patch from Acer which did seemingly nothing!

    I don’t use MSN Messenger a great deal, but I’d like the option to use it if I so desire! Stupid MS, stupid ACER – I love my laptop, but this is just shoddy and I want a solution! ~X(

  • Melinda

    My Msn is not working but i dont know why? HELP!!!!!!!!!:((:)]>:p:(

  • kayla


    i got my acer laptop with windows vista on it for my birthday may 15th..got internet set up the next day..installed windows live messenger..and it won’t work because of something called deps. its something about data protection security. so to make it work take it to a computer shop and they should be able to sort out what deps lets you go on and what it doesn’t.
    i havent got mine sorted out yet. but if anyone has any other solutions..:d/ :-?

    Kayla x

  • Jordon Burns

    Hi all,

    I recently got a new packard bell laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium, i download the windows live messenger but once i try to install it i get ‘Error Creating Process: Reason: The system cannot find the path specified.’ Can anyone help me with this problem, the program won’t even install never mind run!

    Thanks, JB

  • dean

    i have got an acer laptop with windows vista! i have downloaded msn messenger but doesnt seem to work its getting right on my nerves!! if anyone has any solutions will you keep me informed thanks :”>

  • Gareth

    [Comment ID #31417 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hey, have you resolved this problem? i have the same problem with my alienware laptop. can you email me if you have sorted it? cheers Gareth

  • Vicki
  • Laura

    :-? Heyy
    My laptop blew up & i thought i was doing good getting a Vista comp .. i was wrong
    MSN won’t work & the link it sends you to to “fix” it won’t work eithier ~X(
    it kinda sucks
    any way to help ?
    i’m using ebuddy just now 8-|

  • Jamie

    :o heya but i was wondering if anyone could help me with msn, it wont work, it just wont open, why?? argh!! lol could it be because i have windows vista on a new computer? or is it just be stupid, ive done everything, uninstalling it, re installing it, im gonna give up lol
    could anyone help??

    thankyou, all replys are greatly thanked :d

    Jamie x

  • William

    [Comment ID #17179 Will Be Quoted Here]
    I got the same problem here….
    if anyone… please anyone got a solution, please help me!!
    i also experience same problem in other applications.
    when i open applocale, and try to click browse to target a exe file to open, it just closes the application. i kept on trying different methods, now i am forced to drag and drop the exe file for the applocale to open instead.
    i noticed this bug started at the same time as the live messenger started to bug.


  • Clarice


    whoever gave that patch link to help with the problem, my msn TOTALLY works now. I clicked the link, downloaded the patch and now everything is AOK.


  • sparky29m

    I am having the same prob as all of… after 4 days of emails from microsft trying to fix the problems… today i gave them access to my msn account and a copy of the connection logs for messenger as well as some other Info… so hoefully now they have access to my account they will sort it out.. when they do i will be sure to post a solution for u,

  • kez

    hey all, i have got windows vista on my laptop and it will just not let msn work, it keeps coming up with a error and closing it down. any ideas what i can do??

  • matt

    hiya i got a new laptop wiv the vista programme and how do i go about getting msnmessenger wrkin on it, i’ve donoaded the rogramme but it keeps coming up wiv some error, can u help?

  • Charity

    :(( I instaled msn 8.0 thousand times it downloads but doesn’t install something about an error please help ……………………I have vista is that the prob??????

  • Terina

    Same problem as almost everyone else…new laptop using Windows Vista…MSN appeared to download, but cannot even manage to sign in??? Please someone help?

  • Terina

    How come everyone is asking the same question, but still it goes unanswered?????

  • Staykool

    Hey guys, get yourself SKYPE….this is the solution…forget MSN

  • Starlite KNight

    I just got an Acer Aspire 9300-5390 laptop. The Acer OrbiCam software didn’t work after installing Windows Live Messenger. I downloaded the drivers from Acer’s site and the sofware works now. However, even after restoring factory default settings (even though I just got this laptop), whenever I try going to the “Advanced…” webcam settings, WLM closes on me and I get an error message. :(( DEP gives me a message saying it can’t be turned off for WLM as well. :((

  • robert hunter

    i cant get my msn messenger to work. my pc isnt letting me.whats wrong

  • Amber L

    okay my msn totally doesn’y work it says that windows vista is not compatabe and to download a patch. well the patch wort download so what should i do ??

  • bubba

    my problem is with windows live messenger. the person i`m looking at can`t hear me but i can hear them. the problem still is not fixed what are the alternatives

  • Starlite KNight

    [Comment ID #52589 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Bubba, did you make sure that your mic is on for both you and the person you’re looking at? Look under your audio settings to make sure it’s turned on and have the person check for a red circle with a line through it on the icon above the volume bar.

  • Dan


    I’m upset :(( I got a new acer laptop with vista home premium and i’ve downloaded windows live messenger version 8.1 and it won’t let me log in… it says its because my contact list is not available. error code 81000378.



  • judy

    When I turn on my computer, Windows Live Messenger opens up. But it takes ages – well, a couple of minutes – I’d like to go back to just my opening screen and then I click on hotmail if I want to, or Google, or whatever. So, do you know how to stop it doing this.?
    This is your Granny asking !!!!

  • dee

    i have been using messenger every night, but now i cant “click” on!! could it be because i did not sing out before closing??

  • ebbs

    my msn is not working at ALL! i sign in and it works then,
    it just closes all the sudden ! PLEASE HELP ME ! :((

  • david

    stop sooking about msn not working and find some answers dont rely on nerds to come up with a solution , do it yourself [-(

  • Caleb

    hey i recently just got a new gateway laptop and it has windows vista and i can download windows messenger or msn messenger but when i try to install them an error come up saying it can’t find the specified path ot somethin and i can’t install it. someone help me please!!! email me at dirtdude514@yahoo.com………..thanks

  • tinks

    Ok ive downloaded msn it works sort of i can sign in and everythin but every now and again other people dont get my messages and i dont get there’s does ne1 no why it does this iv got a advet vista home pre

  • Peter Kevan


    Simply right click on “windows messenger” then,
    click “run as administrator”.



  • laura

    how can you get msn working if you have windows vista?
    it wont let me!

  • Nelvin

    Anyone still having problems with MSN Live Messenger on vista shoud download the 5.8 beta from here: http://www.filehippo.com/download_msn_messenger/

    This should solve your problems!

  • Deb Hughes

    Thanks to you Peter Kevan, my new msn works!!! You are so smart! Thanks again!:x

  • Karen

    [Comment ID #54799 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This works!


    …thanks!….download msn messenger 8.5 BETA and it works with Vista…..finally….yippee!

  • jack

    OMG pls help i got a new acer vista laptop aspire 5103wlmi the otha day and i downlaoded the old msn 7.5 tht worked fie but the otha day it sayed i had to download a more up to date version so i tryed windows live but it wont ven ope u click on the icon and it loads for like a sec then just goes offff

    please help me :(

  • kerrie

    Hi i wonder if you could help me….. i bought a new laptop acer with windows vista basic and i cant download msn messenger:(( please help me before i go insane

  • james

    ok, all those having problems, as live messenger seems to have some compatability problems in vista. im using vista ultimate (i know, lucky arnt i, but no real difference between ultimate and home premium, unless ur a business user. anyway back to the task in hand) try the beta version of liv messenger. works fine 4 me:d http://ideas.live.com

  • james

    yes, untick “automatically open on startup” under the preferences tob of options. p.s. you have to be logged in

  • mhmoud

    And I was hoping it would tie in with Xbox Live, as it is called Live Messenger now


  • haley r

    @-)im going absolutly insane right now, i have tried MANY different websites trying to downlaod msn messenger. I have even tried to download many types of msn such as 7.0, 8.0 ,7.5 and trust me, MANY OTHERS (lol) I sucessfully downloads eveytime, but everytime i try to open it, it says its not a valid Win32 application. WTF SHOULD I DO!! I NEED MSN TO SURVICE!!!:-s

  • thomas

    :((:((:((:((:((:((:-?:-?:-?:-?[-([-([-([-([-(my msn windows live messenger doesn’t work can u tell me how to fix it please???

  • mimi

    in fact it appears i cannot download anything, i tried downloading mozilla firefox to see if that made any difference but it won’t let me download that either

  • claire warman

    hi i can sign into my msn but it keeps kicking me out as soon as i talk to people me and a few of my mates have this problem please advise me of how me and my mates can get this problem solved

  • J.P.

    All Acer users, please look at this website for a patch for the MSN Messenger problem. See the following info…

    Related Products
    MSN Live Messenger v8.1 has a problem starting in Windows Vista
    File Size: 37872.584 KB

    This article applies to Windows Vista systems ONLY.


  • i have a dell inspiron laptop and windows vista,ut i have been trying 2 download messenger all day everything goes smoothly untill it getz 2 99% and then wnt go any further at all


  • adam


    use r silly ppl uninstall it and open up ICQ or MERC [-x

  • andk

    ive had this for a while working on vista…. but now its stopped workin altogher my bro is a computer guy and he tryed everythin 2 fix it but nothin i jst dnt get it:((:((:((:((

  • amy

    :((:((msn wont work on my computer its windows vista:((:((

  • riz


    Simply right click on “windows messenger” then,
    click “run as administrator”.



    It says I need a password..!?

  • 2K00L4U

    nvm mine says 2006 also lmao k well then just download msn live and it works if not try run as administrator
    but wiht that u have to be on the adminstrator account

  • Jess

    I was hoping someone could help me.
    I’ve had Windows Live Messenger 8.0 plus for like a year now, and I just bought a new Philips webcam, first time having one, Ever since I installed it in my comuter, my Windows Live Messenger won’t stay signed in for more than a few seconds or a few minutes, and comes up with an error and no choice but to shut it down. I don’t even have any chat logs on the conversation I just had before it shut down. Please help!

  • [Comment ID #60371 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Best bet would be to check for any updated drivers for the webcam. If this doesn’t work, try a different USB port.

    If problems still persist, you’ll have to unplug the webcam until your find a fix and contact the manufacturer. Un-install the webcam drivers as well and then maybe MSN will work again for the time being.

  • Allison

    [Comment ID #54563 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ok. When I go to Run as… it comes up with the names of 3 of my computer users, but not administrator?
    Anyone can help?

  • nikki

    I cant download anything with my new windows vista pc, its an acer, it comes up with an error message after i click ‘run’ saying cannot download server was reset, it does it on everything i try to download, msn, firefox, yahoo, flashplayer, everything that needs downloading says the same thing, anyone got any ideas?

  • jack

    myn still dont work (n)[-(

  • marc

    vista is crap, cheap rip off of osx,
    keep hold of xp sp2 ppl, microsoft has taken the soft option here.
    no wonder all pro music software is now opening up on mac,
    come in windows your time is up

  • marc

    to nikki, format your hard drive and get xp sp2,
    vista is a con from day one.

  • Quebizzle

    to solve this problem right click on “windows messenger SHORTCUT” and “run as administrator”.

  • cutiee

    I got a new advent laptop windows vista and i download msn but it only goes up to 99% then it stops! i have left it for ages and it wonnt budge! its really annoying as im hooked to msn and really need it! i dont know wht this is happening butt grrrr its annoying.. anyone have any ideas ??:(

  • TheOne

    Does that patch ONLY work for acer. I have a vaio laptop from sony and my msn also won’t work. one of them just won’t install. I got another version to install but when i try to sign in, it won’t let me – something about i need to sign in as a local administrator (whatever that means). I got the oldest version of msn and it let me sign. However, after only a couple minutes of chatting, the window starts shacking and it says not responding. I NEED ANSWERS!!! I’LL DIE IF I CAN’T KEEP IN TOUCH WITH MY FRIENDS! I AM AN MSN ADDICT!!

    Again, does that patch only work for acer?

  • TheOne

    Where is this “Run as administrator” you speak of?

  • If you right click the shortcut, there is an option to ‘Run as Administrator’. You will also need to then click ‘Continue’ when a warning dialogue box appears.

  • Carley

    I have had windows live messenger 8.1 for a while now not realising until today that there is a newer version, but when trying to download the new version is says its unable to install the sign in assistant and that. and as from today i aint been able to get back on the 8.1 version as i go to sign in and a box comes up saying its unable to connect me,i know its not a problem with the site as my brother and friend was both connected, and i was definately connected to the internet, i have an acer vista computer what am i doin wrong? help…anyone? 8-|

  • Angel

    :(( i’ve recently got an acer aspire 4520 running on vista, and when i installed messenger, it wouldn’t sign me in! it kept saying error 80072efd. the patch acer offered refuses to work, cos apparently, it’s not for my computer, and even when i tried the administrator thing, the message is still the same! i’ve tried everything! pls help! :((

  • Frank

    :(( omg,lol. I ran into my problem recently. I run xp sp 2 and
    my Windows messenger has always worked fine, its only until a couple of days ago that I click the shortcut on the desktop and the messenger wont launch. It seems to start on my task manager and it even asks my firewall for permission but I don’t get any display of the messenger itself. Someone please come up with a fix for this :-s

  • El

    Hi, I have a computer with vista and before it would never let me on msn. I used the ‘right click as administrator’ short cut which worked as before my msn would load for a few seconds and then say it had to close. Now, it will attempt to sign in but come up with an error and to check my firewall settings. I checked them and they are allowing windows live messenger so I do not understand why it isn’t working! Any suggestions? THANK YOUU!

    PS, to all msn addicts you can go on http://www.ebuddy.com in stead of msn but it’s noo way near as good!

  • :((:((:((hi guy me got a problem on my pc which got a vista on it can make msn work plz help me thanx

  • Gage

    every time i try and down load any kind of messenger its wont let me and say its not a win32′ application!!!
    can anyone help me? PLEASEEEE

  • kyussmondo

    I feel sorry for all you people. I used to think MSN was the best IM client on Windows but now I am so glad I am now on a Mac using Adium X. Sure I don’t get Custom Winks and stuff but that is a small sacrifice, at least it opens.

    I am having the same problem on both my Windows XP machines as well, so it is not just isolated to Vista, it is a problem with Live Messenger. When I do finally get it open they randomly sign in and out. I have noticed more and more of my Windows friends complaining about MSN with sign in problems, resetting and a few of my friends sometimes randomly sign in send me a random link or attachment which probably contains a virus and then sign off. And these are trustworthy friends lol. Not to mention other annoyances such as some people having way too many custom winks. Hopefully Microsoft fix it soon. Back when I was using Windows I was using Trillian. Back when I was using it had a nice clean interface and worked well. Apart from that I don’t have any other suggestions aside from changing to Mac or Linux, but that is a bit extreme just because Windows Live sucks on Windows, how ironic that two significant Microsoft products don’t work well together. Further adding to fuel to the fire as why more and more people are switching.

  • Adrianna

    TO ALL :
    Try restarting your router.
    Or try pushing the reset bitton on your router for 30 seconds.
    Or simply turn off your router for 1 minute.

    Hope it works for you all!

  • nikki

    [Comment ID #17179 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i hv the old msn and it wont work but for sum really weird reason i dont know why

    i tried deleting etc nothing worked i have tried to install windows live and it wont install

    i dont know what to do and really need help fixing this

    p.s there is no error code on it ?????


  • Roriette

    OMFG It simply will not work!! I have a Vista Premium laptop, and when I try to download Windows Live Messenger, it says I’m offline and need to retry. I retried for five consecutive times but it wouldn’t work! :-w I am obviously online, but there seems to be a problem. I am getting really impatient because I need to use MSN! :((

  • Roriette

    Oh, and, when I try downloading MSN 7.5, it says I am using an older version of MSN so I can’t log in – I’ll have to log in using an administrator’s account. BUT HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT THE PASSWORD IS?! :o

  • bex

    i have problem like some of the guys here.
    i cant download msn messenger in my new laptop. m using vista.
    whenever i install it itsays page cannot be found..my internet is working well in same time.. wht m i suppose to do??

  • Rosieeee

    Heyy Ermm I Was Removing Programmes Off My Computer And I Removed Windows Live Messenger By Accident Now Im Having To Use The Old Version Of Msn Which Is Windows Messenger. Im tryin To Download Windows Live Messenger Again But It Stops Downloading At 99% Pleasee Can Uu Help Mee????

  • maeve

    messenger wasnt letting me sign on so i removed it and downloaded a new windows live but it wont let me sign on either as it says i need to download the newer version to contiue, when i click yes it says it looks like im offline and that i need to be onlin to do so. why isnt it working? help please :)>-

  • chelsey

    It seems that everyone is having problems with your sort of msn, maybe we all shouldnt use this msn network and all use a different one. Everytime I u use this msn i always get a virus on my computer. :(

    bye ???

  • Aimee

    [Comment ID #29173 Will Be Quoted Here]

    SAME HERE! I’m getting really annoyed! Mine worked for awhile, like i dunno 2-3 months? But now I have the same problem, and have also unistalled, reinstalled MSN! And when I tried ot go for an older version i couldnt even sign in because it wasnt compatible or something!


  • chantelle

    hey ive got windows vista myself.
    i had a problem with my msn at first but the i was told you have to install quite a old msn messager otherwise it will not work. that is wat i done and mine now works.
    i hope this works.
    if you need anymore help u can email me on

  • conor

    hi , i got a new laptop which runs windows vista and its acer but i cant get plus on my msn , its really annoying as i dont have any colour – anyone help , before this i had a computer with vista but everything worked fine , i really need help please help , or email me :( cg-numberwann@hotmail.com ;) thanks if you reply :((

  • sophie.

    iv got a packard bell laptop with a built in webcam yet i dont know how to take picturs on it…i only know how to use it on msn.
    can someone help?

  • Lucky

    I keep getting kicked out… no matter what i do!
    I’ve tried reinstalling, restrting, but as soon as someone chats to me or vice versa, it says windows live has encountered a problem and needs to shut down… this SUCKS! Before i upgraded my messnger it worked perfectly fine…x(~X(

  • sujee

    Every time I log onto my MSN i cannot talk to anyone without getting kicked off right away, tells me that windows live has encountered a problem and needs to shut down, why is it doing this all of a sudden, my kids and I are always on MSN but not anymore, we have switched the comp off, reinstalled and everythinG and nothing works it is driving me CRAZY :((>:px([-x

  • reece

    my live not work and i have xp and its live pluse i cheked my fire wall can you help me plz o and can i down lode sum think taht sort it all out ?

  • hey im tryna sign into windows live but its not letting me it keeps coming up with an error code but people have been sayin the windows vista does not work with windows live messenger ! can anyone help as iv just been back in contact with my dad and now this has happend i cant get to speak 2 him.. thanks x

  • Amanda Lawrence

    Just to say thanks, found that the Acer patch fixed mine, wish I’d found it sooner!

    much appreciated

  • louise

    i have just bought a new acer notebook laptop and no matter what i do it just doesn’t let me download anything, i have tried everything possible! when i try to download it all it does is open about 200 new tabs on to the page please help!!! i heard that with acer notebooks you have to buy a seperate part that costs around 70 pound is this true?:((:-? HELPP

  • hayd

    [Comment ID #2676 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i installed the live messenger beta. and want the old 1 back ive tried to uninstall but does go what should i do?

  • Gaby


  • Dimitri W.

    so i have this problem i open my msn and i wanna talk to this friend off mine but when i click on there name ( to open the chat window )my msn shuts its self off and it only happens with that person :(
    what am i supposed to do ?

  • Omayma

    memo-magic@hotmail.co.uk—-contact me only if u no


    [Comment ID #54563 Will Be Quoted Here]



  • Sasha

    [Comment ID #96985 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Okay…now what happens if you were already the administrator? and it won’t open that way?

  • LaLa

    my msn isnt working. it says my internet is offline? when its not and other things work e.g facebook

  • LaLa

    i have windows vista + didnt have a problem with the old msn btw.


  • Mariah

    And I also tryed to do the run as admin but i cant even tho Im admin.

  • Connie

    I am using the latest windows live messenger on a sony vaio laptop. I have downloaded msn many times, and each time msn randomly signs out with no warning. This happens around once every 5 minutes or so. But also, none of my contacts are showing as online. And I know they are, for example, 50 people are online, but only 2 show up. I have tried re-installing msn, and downloading various patches and nothing helps.

  • where can i get this messenger

  • Pawel

    thank you Peter Kevan . Now my msn mesenger start working on my vista premium PC first time from 2 years!

  • lewie

    hi james you seem really helpful just wondering if u can help here here but i got a windows vista basic laptop and it wont let me donwload msn, i have a vodafone donggle which supplys my intenet and when i go on the website to try and download it it says control access, it says you have to be eighteen hopefully you can help thanks

  • MICK