Cats Talking – Amazing!

I didn’t think this was even possible, but thanks to Hannah for sending me a link to this video, I find that cats can indeed talk:

So the next time you are having a quiet conversation, make sure your cat isn’t listening in. You never know who they might be telling!

James Woodcock

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  • Angus

    Unfortunately I don’t have a sound card. I’d very much like to know what they can say. A couple of weeks ago my cat called out “Andodas” I assumed that she was calling my name. That was confirmed when two nights ago she called “Andus”. Obviously she has problems with G’s.
    Whats also fascinating to me is she obviously only makes the effort when she feels its absolutely necessary so what else does she comprehend if she knows my name!? And what else could she say?!

  • Pansy

    Oh my dog
    Oh long John
    Oh long Johnson
    Oh Don Piano
    Oh the live long day